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What can you do on Provamark?

Business Plan

Our platform provides key components for any Business Plan. An Executive Summary for an overview of the company, products, markets and competition. Financial Benchmarking to measure the company’s performance. Financial Projection scenarios. And supporting Business Documents tool for storing and previewing due diligence documents.

Financial Projections

Our Financial Projections tool is an easier and faster way to build detailed financial projections. You can build and save as many scenarios as you need. And you can analyze the cash flow and debt repayment outcomes of each scenario.

Business Valuation

Dynamically set valuation parameters and calculate the Discounted Cash Flow, Market Multiples, and Asset Valuation of your business. Put it all together for a Preliminary Valuation Range.


Benchmark the operational efficiency of your business against firms in your industry and related industries. Try a specific or general industry classification. Compare the performance of larger or smaller firms in your industry.

Due Diligence Documents

Manage access to key business plan or due diligence documents. An alternative to emailing documents to multiple investors, lenders or stakeholders. You can allow your stakeholders to access and preview documents in one central location which also has relevant financial analysis and business plan data for the due diligence process.


You can share the financial analysis on Provamark with stakeholders In addition to viewing your analysis, they can interact with it and set their own key assumptions for valuations, benchmarking and projections. This replaces the back-and-forth process of altering financial models into a realtime collaboration!

Work With Your Clients And Stakeholders!

True collaboration with clients and colleagues.
Communicate with team and colleagues.
Allow all stakeholders to interact with your analysis and test their own assumptions.

Why choose us

We've Done The Heavy Lifting

Complex Valuation and Projection Models

Our platform is your backend number cruncher. Allowing you and your team to focus on the big picture of evaluating your business and market.

Financial Analysis Presentation

We have put a lot of work into making complex financial analysis easy to understand for non-finance experts through the use of intuitive, interactive graphics.


Financial analysis is an interactive process with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders all having an input.

The heart of Provamark is network for collaboration.

Each potential buyer wants to test her own assumptions? No problem. Connect them and let them test away!